Information about EveryCloud Marketplace

How it works

Selling Services on the EveryCloud Marketplace

You bring the skills.. we bring the customers..

1. Post a Service - Sign up for free and offer your service to IT departments around the globe
2. Deliver Exceptional Service - We'll tell you when someone wants your service, then use our tools to discuss the details.
3. Get Paid - As soon as the work is delivered, the money will be released. No need to chase for payment or wait 60 - 90 days. 

How much does it cost?

It's free to join the EveryCloud Marketplace. There is no subscription required or fees to list your services, just for transactions. EveryCloud takes 20% of each transaction, i.e. you keep 80%.

What can I sell?

You'll be selling to a Global audience of IT services buyers (System Administrators, CTOs, CIOs, IT Directors) and they will be looking to  buy the services that you're currently offering to your existing customers. But be creative! If you're an expert in SSL Certificate installations or Malware removal you may find you can create a niche in certain areas. 

How should I price my service?

You set the pricing, you're the Captain of the ship, these are your services that you're offering in the Marketplace so you need to set the pricing that you're happy with and it's realistic for customers to pay. 

How do you get me customers?

This is the world's first dedicated IT services Marketplace and it attracts buyers from all over the Globe. The Marketplace is part of the EveryCloud group of companies, which includes EveryCloud Email Security and EveryCloud Tools. This gives us unique access to our direct, end user customer base of thousands of organisations that can benefit from your services. 

Buying Services on the EveryCloud Marketplace

You bring the tasks.. we bring the Experts..

1. Search for Services - Find the service you're after and ask any questions you have.
2. Place an Order - Click 'Buy Service' and enter your credit card details. 
3. Review your supplier - Once your service has been delivered, leave feedback for your provider. 

Can I pay with my Credit Card?

Yes you can pay with your VISA, Mastercard or American Express. We use Stripe as our payment provider.  Paypal payment will be released in 2018. 

What if I'm not happy with my service?

Communication is key. You can always ask your seller for changes / improvements and we encourage buyers and sellers to first try to resolve issues themselves. If this is not possible, just detail the situation in our feedback form and we'll help. See our terms for service for details on disputes.

How do I contact the seller for questions before purchase?

You have two options; public or private questions. For public questions, visit the service page, scan the questions and answers section and if you can't see your question just add it. For private questions just hit 'Contact' under the buy service button.